Love wieners on an open fire? The accompanying recipes are various variants of this setting up camp exemplary food.

Heavenly messengers Riding a horse

8 wieners

8 segments of cheddar 2 1/2 to 3 inches long x 1/4 inch

8 flimsy cut pieces of bacon

8 Wiener buns


Cooking forks

Cut longwise pockets in 8 wieners, in length enough to hold one segment of cheddar. Wrap up a segment of cheddar into each pocket. Wind a piece of bacon around every wiener so the pocket and cheddar are totally covered. Secure each finish of bacon to the wiener with a toothpick. Put every wiener on a cooking fork and prepare over hot coals until bacon is cooked. At the point when holy messenger is done eliminate it from the fork and put in a wiener bun. Take out toothpicks prior to eating.

BACON Cheddar Canines



Cheddar cuts


Cut wieners the long way however not totally through. Place a cut of cheddar in the wiener where you have cut them; then, at that point, close frank and wrap a piece of bacon strip around every one and put a toothpick in each finish to keep canine intact. Presently put wiener on a stick and cook over hot coals.


Wieners – 2 to 3 for every individual

Canned rolls – enough for each frank

Overlay each piece of foil in half to frame a 8×12 inch piece for each sausage. Level bread roll and roll it around each sausage. Covering everything except the closures of the sausage. Seal franks in foil, permitting space for rolls to grow. Put each foil bundle on hot coals. Turn exceptionally 3 to 4 minutes. Actually look at one bundle shortly. Present with frank sauce, cheddar, catsup, mustard or pickle relish. Make a feast with beans and chips.

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